Intelligent Services For Energy-Efficient Design and Life Cycle Simulation

Project acronym: ISES ⎪ Project number: 288819 ⎪ Call identifier: FP7-ICT-2011-7 ⎪ Project coordinator: Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

About ISES

ISES is developing ICT building blocks to integrate and complement existing tools for design and operation management into a Virtual Energy Lab capable of evaluating, simulating and optimizing the energy efficiency of products and facilities, in particular components for buildings and facilities, before their realization and taking into account their stochastic life-cycle nature. For the energy-efficient design and operation of products the semantic contexts of several different roles are being integrated. A holistic approach has been  applied  to  enable  efficient  use  of  today’s  loosely  connected  numerical  analysis  tools,   modellers and graphical presentation tools and new stochastic methods has been developed to deal with the random nature of energy profiles and consumption through the product life-cycle.

ISES has been specifically focused on the following RTD issues:

The objective of ISES is to develop a missing framework of components for beneficially applying existing ICT tools (CAD modellers, FM systems, different simulations and analysis tools, cost calculation tools, Building Automation Data Management Systems (BAS), and product models – STEP/BIM), and:

  1. Provide them with an interoperability structure on ontology-extended BIM and SOA basis through development of a new model and system ontology based on description logic with semi- automatic simulation model configuration capabilities;
  2. Complement them with a set of new supporting services and tools, enabling efficient simulation and evaluation of the energy life-cycle behaviour of products;
  3. Provide a new information logistic and intelligent access controller for the ICT system management (services, tools and data) and for the interfacing to cloud facilities;
  4. Extend existing data resources by
    • (a) stochastic based climatic data scenarios,
    • (b) usage/user activity profiles, and
    • (c) a database variant manager to manage the alternatives and variations of new product designs and their application in larger systems.

The targeted application domain is buildings and facilities. However, ISES is not only directed to construction and product development for construction. ISES developed products are generic, so that they can be also used in other domains or can serve as templates and best-practice cases.

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